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Juliati - Jakarta, Indonesia
My family is now a fan of Smarter Health. The platform is truly helping people like us who would like to seek medical treatment in Singapore but have no clue on who to go to and the cost associated with the treatment. The combination of the Smarter Health platform algorithm and human touch assistance was very useful and important for us. Great job, Smarter Health!
Patrick - Singapore
Dr Tay was our choice for a second opinion after receiving a cancer diagnosis. He was very helpful in helping us understand the next steps and drawing out a plan that would offer the best chance of recovery. We benefitted from his wealth of experience and a no-nonsense attitude. Additionally, the Smarter Health experience was very efficient and the staff friendly and helpful when arranging our visit. Highly recommended!
Rochelle Genevieve Lim - Singapore
Medical check up in Healthway Medical
Casually browsing through the net for health screening packages and I was so spoilt with choices! More confused to say as I was unsure of what suits me best. Luckily, I came across the Smarter Health portal – simply by answering 5 questions, it generates health screening plans that are suitable for myself! From there, I compared and chose the one I felt most comfortable with. A super easy and convenient portal – everyone should use it if you’re considering getting a health screening package!

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