General FAQs

Smarter Health is a trusted online platform that connects patients from around the region to highly skilled specialist doctors in Malaysia and Singapore. Through our platform, patients get to select the medical checkup packages suitable for their needs, pick a specialist doctor they can consult with, and/or get treatment quotations for specific surgical procedures from specialist doctors.

Smarter Health was founded by a group of healthcare professionals comprising hospital administrators and medical practitioners who on a cumulative basis have more than 130 years of experience in the industry. We are all too familiar with the existing problems in the healthcare industry and we are here to help by putting patients first and empowering them with all the vital information to have them make smarter decisions about their health.

We are a completely independent entity not affiliated with any hospital groups.

Patient FAQs

It is entirely free to use the Smarter Health platform to get your medical checkup packages recommendations. Smarter Health also advises you on who are the most suited specialist doctors in our panel to attend to your condition while providing you with the associated costs upfront to help you with your decision.

All our specialist doctors are highly qualified, licensed practitioners in their respective countries, credentialed with some of the top hospitals in the region.

All data on our site, including medical documents scanned/photographed/uploaded by you, is protected because we only reveal the information to parties that you authorise. For all your scanned/photographed medical documents, we advise you to anonymize your identity (name, ID, and contact details) before uploading.

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