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Lee Guek Eng - Oncology (Cancer) - Gleneagles HospitalDr Lee Guek Eng asked 2 years ago
I am a specialist in medical oncology at Icon Cancer Centre. I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a double degree in both Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, as well as Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Cell and Molecular Biology. I progressed with my Medical Oncology specialist training and went on to practice at the National Cancer Centre, Singapore for ten years. I treat general oncology with a clinical focus in female cancers such as breast cancer and gynaecological cancers. Prior to joining the private sector, I have a strong focus on research and has been involved in numerous Singapore and international studies and clinical trials. My research has a specific focus on young women with breast cancer. For my work in breast cancer, I was awarded the international fellowship NMRC competitive research grant in 2016 to train as a fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, focusing on young women with breast cancer and pregnancy-associated breast cancer. Back in Singapore, I was actively involved in setting up a tailored program for young women with breast cancer to help increase awareness and education. I am also awarded a second grant under Industry Alignment Fund (IAF) by NMRC for my research in a novel compound for treatment of brain metastases in advanced breast cancer patients. I represented Singapore in numerous overseas international oncology conferences and presented my research work extensively over the last decade. Learn more about me here: I am excited to be here to share and discuss Breast Cancer and Gynaecological Cancer with everyone. I will be actively answering questions. If you have any questions about breast cancer or gynaecological in young women or pregnancy-associated breast cancer or gynaecological cancer, feel free to ask me! === Want to ask a question? Submit your question at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to include your name and email address to get notified when the doctor answers your question.
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Priscilla answered 1 year ago

For stage 3 cervical cancer, would you recommend also removing the uterus to prevent the cancer from worsening? A trachelectomy was already done previously and I am undergoing chemo now.

Dr Lee Guek Eng replied 1 year ago

The treatment for stage 3 cervical cancer will include radiotherapy in addition to chemotherapy to improve on local control as well.

Shafiul answered 1 year ago

My mother is undergoing treatment for her stage 2 breast cancer. She has gone for lumpectomy and chemotherapy. However, there are ulcers that keep appearing on her chest. They are dark and sometimes bleed. Is this a side effect of the therapy or a sign of metastasizing cancer?

Dr Lee Guek Eng replied 1 year ago

Any skin lesions which are new should be assessed by a medical oncologist, and if there are any suspicion that it could be metastases from primary cancer, a biopsy should be undertaken.

Joselyn answered 1 year ago

Doctor, I was just diagnosed with stage 2 HER+ breast cancer. Five months ago, I had stent-implant surgery. Would this affect my treatment? I've read that targeted therapy works for my type of cancer, but is it safe for my heart condition?

Dr Lee Guek Eng replied 1 year ago

Anti-Her2 targeting therapies can potentially compromise heart function. You will need to go through a cardiac evaluation with an echocardiogram, and see a cardiologist to ensure that it is safe for you to start on the recommended therapies.

Angeline answered 1 year ago

I am 25 years old. These few weeks, I have noticed my right breast discharging clear fluid. However, I don’t feel any pain or have any lumps. I read some articles that say the fluid could be a sign of breast cancer. Is a mammogram the best way to examine my breast? Or would a breast ultrasound be enough?

Dr Lee Guek Eng replied 1 year ago

Any new changes in the breasts ie lumps, or secretions/discharges should prompt you to get a medical consult. The doctor will then be able to advise if you need further investigations such as mammogram or ultrasound.

Yanting answered 1 year ago

I am starting my treatment for cervical cancer. I went for chemotherapy prior to surgery to treat the the tumor. However, it caused me vaginal bleeding, and the bleeding is worse than when I had my symptoms before diagnosis. Is this a normal side effect? I am worried that this is a sign the cancer has metastasised.

Dr Lee Guek Eng replied 1 year ago

As I do not have details to your cancer ie stage or treatment regimen, it will be difficult for me to comment. However, if you are experiencing worsening symptoms and bleeding from your treatment, you ought to highlight this to your attending oncologist so that he/she can suggests additional investigations to better assess your condition.

Dave Tan answered 1 year ago

My mother has undergone surgery and chemotherapy for her stage 4 ovarian cancer. However, the scans are showing that the cancer cells are spreading. Is there anything else we can do before we resort to palliative care?

Dr Lee Guek Eng replied 1 year ago

Do talk to your oncologist on various treatment options. Commonly, molecular/genetic tests are being carried out for stage 4 ovarian cancer to better fine-tune and optimize treatment strategies. Your oncologist may offer these tests to your mother. Stage 4 ovarian cancer is treatable with various systemic treatments including newer target drugs.

Cheryl answered 1 year ago

I am a 40 year old female who has undergone surgery for breast cancer. I am taking tamoxifen now. Last month I didn’t get my period and it seems like I am not getting it either this month. I used a pregnancy kit to check just in case and I am not pregnant. Would my menses come back after I finish taking tamoxifen?

Dr Lee Guek Eng replied 1 year ago

If you are 40 and only taking tamoxifen, it is not likely that you are completely menopaused. Additional tests such as hormonal profile can help to shed light on your menopausal status.

Joanne answered 1 year ago

I was recently diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. I have undergone surgery and the tumor is now removed. My doctor said chemotherapy is not necessary. Is that ok? Would it increase the risk of the breast cancer recurring without chemo?

Dr Lee Guek Eng replied 1 year ago

Treatment for early stage breast cancer depends on various factors including biology of tumor (grade, and subtypes) and staging. For stage 1 breast cancer, we will need information on the biology to make a decision on adjuvant treatment. Your oncologist will make a decision based on the information, should it be hormone receptor positive and you would like to know more, molecular tests such as Oncotype Dx can sometimes help to give added information in the right context.

Zulkarnain answered 1 year ago

My mother is beginning chemotherapy and radiotherapy again after her cervical cancer relapsed. She is taking the same type of drugs as before, and one of them is cisplatin. Do you think maintaining the same cocktail of drugs will work?

Dr Lee Guek Eng replied 1 year ago

It will depend on her disease status as well as disease burden. Single agent cisplatin is commonly given together with radiotherapy. However, for recurrent or stage 4 disease, multi agents may be recommended depending on above factors as well as patient factors such as her fitness, tolerability etc. You may consult an oncologist to discuss further.

Ziying answered 1 year ago

I am a 36 year old female who was diagnosed with cervical cancer. They found my cancer when it was 1A. I was treated with surgery only. Around 4 months later, the cancer came back at stage 2B. I am now undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy, without surgery. Do you think the recommended treatment options are ideal for my situation?

Dr Lee Guek Eng replied 1 year ago

It is important for any recurrent disease to be fully staged. If staging is complete and deemed to be stage 2B, the chemotherapy with radiation therapy is an appropriate treatment.

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