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Dr Png Keng Siang asked 2 years ago
I am Dr Png Keng Siang, Urologist based in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Singapore. Ask Me Anything! I am a United States fellowship-trained urologist who received my urology specialist board certification from Singapore. I am the first and only urologist in Singapore to be inducted into the Fellow, American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.) after completing a minimally invasive surgery fellowship in the USA at the Indiana University School of Medicine, where I sub-specialised in robotic and laparoscopic surgery for urological cancers. Prior to entering private practice, I was Director of the Robotic Urological Surgery Fellowship Program at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Director of the National Healthcare Group Urology Residency Program and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. I am a member of the American Urological Association, Endourological Society (USA) and served on the Executive Committee of the Singapore Urological Association from 2013 to 2020. Currently, I serve as the Joint Committee of Specialist Training Site Accreditor for the Urology Residency Program and is the Vice-President of the Robotic Surgery Society of Singapore. I am a versatile surgeon who can perform a wide range of minimally invasive procedures. Between standard key-hole laparoscopy and robot-assisted surgery, I am adept in both approaches, customising each patient’s unique scenario in offering the best minimally invasive technique. I use innovative techniques such as off-clamp or selective clamping, fluorescent surgery with near-infrared imaging as adjuncts to improve outcomes in my operations. I have trained numerous urologists both locally and abroad in robotic surgery. As the Director of Robotic Urological Surgery in TTSH, I have proctored over 150 robotic procedures and trained fellows from India and Nepal. I was invited to kickstart the robotic surgical program in Ho Chi Minh City at Binh Dan Hospital by performing the first 3 robotic urological operations over 2 days in the history of Vietnam. I participate actively in academic and policy developments of robotic surgery in Singapore. I held the position of Chairman Robotic Review Committee from 2014-2018 in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, overseeing the training and accreditation of all robotic surgeons in the hospital. Nationally, I was instrumental in developing the policy of the use of robotic surgery in the public sector over the years. I was member of the Ministry of Health Health Technology Assessment Committee for Robotic Surgery in 2015, and subsequently appointed as the only urologist in the national workgroup in 2018. I also played advisory roles in the pre-launch commercial evaluations of novel robotic platforms. I have chaired numerous masterclasses in robotic surgery and was the Urology Chairman of the inaugural Asian Summit on Robotic Surgery in 2018. I regularly chair video sessions at the American Urological Association (AUA) and was invited to speak on robotic surgery in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia. I have published my experience and written review articles on robotic surgery in peer-reviewed journals and my surgical videos are published in the AUA Surgical Video Library and the Journal of Videourology. I review manuscripts and surgical videos regularly for the Journal of Endourology and Journal of Videourology. I was Founding Life Member and Honorary Secretary of Robotic Surgery Society of Singapore, before becoming its Vice-President in 2019. I am Member of the Society of Urological Robotic Surgeons (USA) and the only urologist from Singapore to sit on its Education Committee. I am also member of the Endourological Society and International Member of the American Urological Association. Besides my clinical interests, I have served as Program Director of the National Healthcare Group Urology Residency Programme from 2013 to 2018. During my tenure, I led the Program to 2 successful accreditation exercises by the Joint Committee of Specialist Training, culminating in my appointment as Member of the JCST Panel of Site Accreditors from 2018 to 2020. I worked with NTU researchers on how to improve doctors’ communication skills with patients through novel conversational analysis techniques. I continue to provide mentorship and training through my academic activities in the Singapore Urological Association and the Robotic Surgery Society of Singapore and serve as an examiner at Urology Specialty examinations. Learn more about me here: I am excited to be here to share/discuss Urological Health with everyone. I will be actively answering questions. Whether you've got questions on urological cancers, robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, prostate cancer, prostate biopsies, hormone therapy, prostate conditions, urinary stones, or kidney stones, ask me anything! === Want to ask a question? Submit your question at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to include your name and email address to get notified when the doctor answers your question.
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Zhen Rong answered 2 years ago

I have received treatment for a bladder infection four months ago. Since then, whenever I urinate, it always hurts at the beginning of the stream. Does this mean the infection hasn’t been cured completely?

Dr Png Keng Siang replied 2 years ago

Sometimes after treatment of UTI, there may be discomfort in urination for a while. This usually lasts for a few weeks. Beyond that, there may be a chance of reinfection. You may consider doing a urine test to check for any infection.

Kok Siong answered 2 years ago

When I urinate, my urine feels unusually warm. This was since a week ago. I also have issues getting erected. Should I be worried?

Dr Png Keng Siang replied 2 years ago

Feeling warmth in your urine is a subjective symptom. I would like to know if you feel any burning sensation or pain when you urinate, as that may indicate you have an infection. You should seek medical attention from your GP or urologist for that. Problems with getting an erection is an extremely common symptom, and it can be due to an acute problem, or part of a chronic problem. Please talk to a urologist for that, we should be able to help.

Bernard answered 2 years ago

I have an open wound on the base of my penis. I am also experiencing a slight fever. The wound appeared 2 days ago. I'm thinking of applying iodine on it but I'm worried it will make it worse. Should I see a urologist for it?

Dr Png Keng Siang replied 2 years ago

Please see a urologist urgently for that. Infection of a wound can lead to extensive skin loss and organ damage if not treated appropriately.

Paul answered 2 years ago

I am 44 years old. When erected, my penis bends inward and it hurts. This has been happening for the past two weeks and it is painful during intercourse, to the point I have to stop. What should I do?

Dr Png Keng Siang replied 2 years ago

Is this a recent occurrence or have you had it for several years? If it is a recent occurrence only in the past 2 weeks, you may have sustained a fracture of penis unknowingly, resulting in curvature of the penis during erection. You will require evaluation to look for any scarring along the penis. I will recommend that you see a urologist.

Hui Tze answered 2 years ago

My husband went for surgery for kidney stones in December last year. Since then, he has been on a low-salt diet. He also took medications. However, even though he drinks a lot of water, the frequency of his urination has decreased. Is this expected?

Dr Png Keng Siang replied 2 years ago

Frequency of urination depends on many factors such as amount of water intake, diet, physical exertion, weather and temperature to name a few. I will advise your him to continue to increase his water intake and low salt diet to prevent kidney stones. Depending on the type of stone, there are other dietary manipulation which may be useful for him. Please seek more advice from his urologist.

Aston answered 2 years ago

I noticed that whenever I have the urge to urinate, I will uncontrollably leak a few droplets of urine on my underwear. Does this mean I have bladder control problems? Do I need to see a doctor for it?

Dr Png Keng Siang replied 2 years ago

You have what sounds like urge incontinence. Not only is it an annoying problem, it may also indicate serious underlying problems such as infection or bladder stones. Please see a doctor for more advice. Most patients with urge incontinence can be treated with medications

Clifford answered 2 years ago

I have grade 2 varicoceles. Is surgery required at this stage?

Dr Png Keng Siang replied 2 years ago

If you have symptoms such as dull ache in your scrotum, you may want to consider surgery.

Shou Fang answered 2 years ago

After ejaculating, I often feel the urge to urinate but it is always only a few drops of urine. I will then have to keep going back to the toilet and forcing the urine out bit by bit. Is my condition considered a serious medical problem?

Dr Png Keng Siang replied 2 years ago

It sounds like there is some form of urinary obstruction. To give you better advice, I will need more information such as your age, how long have you had this, and is there other associated urinary symptoms. I will recommend that you see a urologist for a full evaluation to rule serious urological conditions.

Joseph answered 2 years ago

There is a growth on the tip of my penis. It only hurts when I am erected. Is this normal or should I get it checked?

Dr Png Keng Siang replied 2 years ago

Growth on the penis with pain are significant symptoms. Please see a urologist to exclude conditions such as infections, tumours or premalignant conditions.

Joe L answered 2 years ago

I am a 45 yo man with a prostate enlargement problem. I have been treating it for the past two months with medication but my sexual performance has been affected. Is there anything else I can consider treatment-wise that doesn't affect me sexually?

Dr Png Keng Siang replied 2 years ago

A young man your age should aim to preserve sexual performance such as erection, libido and ejaculation. Unfortunately, medication for prostate enlargement do affect these sexual functions. I will recommend that you consider minimally invasive procedures such as “Rezum” or “Prolieve” which will allow you to stop the medications, treat the prostate enlargement without the sexual side effects. I perform these procedures and will be happy to advise you further at my clinic.

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