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dr. Edwin Thia asked 3 years ago
I am Dr Edwin Thia, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist based in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. Ask Me Anything! I received my MBBS from the National University of Singapore in 2000 and obtained my post graduate degrees MRCOG (UK), MMed (Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Singapore) in 2008. Thereafter, I achieved Specialist Accreditation with the Ministry of Health Singapore and with the Singapore Medical Council in 2010. I am a Fellow with the Academy of Medicine, College of Obstetricians & Gynaeologists, Singapore. I was the former Deputy Head and Senior Consultant for the Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine and the former Head of Obstetrics Ultrasound and Prenatal Diagnosis Unit for the Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital. I am also currently a Visiting Consultant to KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital. My clinical practice encompasses all aspects of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, including minimally invasive surgeries. My interests are in the management of high-risk pregnancies, ultrasound assessment of the at-risk fetus, invasive prenatal diagnostic (amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling) and invasive prenatal therapeutic procedures. I have special interest in complicated pregnancies including monochorionic twins, fetal growth restrictions and fetal anomalies. I have contributed actively towards education. I was the Chairperson of the 9th and 10th Regional MRCOG preparatory Course for all local and regional O&G trainees and was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award – Residency in Singhealth Excels (RiSE) Awards 2015 which recognizes the top 5% Faculty nominated by the Singhealth OBGYN ACP for my commitment and contribution to Residency. I have been a member (since 2010) and the Chairperson (since 2016) of the Scientific Committee for the Singapore ISUOG (International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology) Course. I am also a member of the local organizing committee of the 28th World ISUOG Congress to be held in Singapore in 2018. For the delivery of quality care and excellent service to his patients, I was recognized with various quality service awards – 2009 National Excellence Service Silver Award, 2014 KKH Service from the Heart Awards and 2011 Singapore Health Quality Service Silver Award. I was awarded prestigious the Singapore Health Quality Service Award – Star Award in 2013. Learn more about me here: I am excited to be here to share/discuss Obstetrics with everyone. I will be actively answering questions. Whether you've got questions about complicated pregnancies, or how you can plan ahead for potentially high-risk pregnancies, or you want advice, ask me anything! === Want to ask a question? Submit your question at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to include your name and email address to get notified when the doctor answers your question.
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via answered 2 years ago

Good evening, Doctor. Why is it that after I had the pregnancy planning injection, 3 months later, I keep menstruating for 4 months in a row? After the birth of my child, I experienced menstruation for 7 days, then I went for the pregnancy planning injection for 3 months. At first, it was only brown spots but then it turned to blood and the quantity increased everyday. After my 3 months pregnancy planning passed, I didn’t go back to the midwife because my husband forbade me to continue the planning. He was worried it was not suitable for me. I didn’t continue it until now, but the bleeding persists. Is this dangerous? It was my first time giving birth. Please give me some explanation about this condition. Thank you

dr. Edwin Thia replied 2 years ago

There are various methods for family planning. Injection type family planning methods are usually given either once a month or once every 3 months. One of the common side effects after injection type family planning methods include irregular menstrual bleeding and sometimes no menses. If your bleeding is persistent for 4 months, you need to see a doctor to check for other causes. You will need to have an ultrasound scan and blood tests to check

Pristi Ha answered 2 years ago

Doctor, yesterday I experienced some bleeding. I am now 8 weeks pregnant but still feel nauseous. Is this a sign of miscarriage?

dr. Edwin Thia replied 2 years ago

Bleeding in pregnancy may be a possible miscarriage. You should see your doctor for an assessment.

Lestari ningrum answered 2 years ago

Doctor, I experience my period twice a month. If I am about to have it, my lower abdomen hurts and the bleeding is excessive. It lasts for more than a week. 2 weeks later, I have it again. What condition is this, Doc? Can a tumor influence one’s menstruation cycle?

dr. Edwin Thia replied 2 years ago

Most women should have a period only once a month. If you have a period less than 3 weeks apart, you should see a doctor to check. You would need to do blood tests to check your hormone levels and also an ultrasound scan to check your uterus and ovaries Some women may need a biopsy of the uterus lining (endometrium) if the bleeding is abnormal

Rayi Sasitha answered 2 years ago

2 months ago I had sex after my period ended. After that, I had my period cycle for 7 days. After that period cycle though, I have yet to experience another period cycle, only some spots. Am I pregnant, Doctor?

dr. Edwin Thia replied 2 years ago

It is unlikely that you are pregnant from the sexual intercourse you had 2 months ago, since your period came after that encounter. Unless the period you had is not a normal period, then yes, it is possible. The best thing to do now is to do a urine pregnancy test to check if you are pregnant. If the spotting persists, you should see a doctor to check.

Cynthia Purnama answered 2 years ago

Doctor, I am 5 months pregnant. Why do I often feel pain in my breasts lately? Is this normal? This is my first pregnancy.

dr. Edwin Thia replied 2 years ago

Most women’s breasts will undergo changes during pregnancy because of the pregnancy hormones as well as preparing for lactation. Most women will feel some breast tenderness and soreness at the very early pregnancy stage. This usually subsides by the end of the first trimester. From about 20 weeks onwards, milk glands start to develop and may produce some milk, but most women will not have any symptoms. In the third trimester, the breasts will grow and produce more milk and may feel heavy and sore again.

Having breast pain at 5 months can be normal, however, if the pain is uncomfortable, and does not go away, you should see a doctor to check to make sure there are no other reasons for this

Mia answered 2 years ago

Doctor, my menstruation is delayed for 1 week, but when I checked using a pregnancy test kit the result was one blurred line and one clear line. I have repeated the test three times and the results were always the same. Am I pregnant? Thank you

dr. Edwin Thia replied 2 years ago

The pregnancy kit should show two clear lines if positive. Sometime very early pregnancy may show one faint line and one clear line (control line). If you have checked several times and the result is the same, I would recommend you see a doctor to do a pregnancy blood test. The blood test will be most accurate

Fakhri Alamsyah answered 2 years ago

My wife is 6 months pregnant. Everyday, she complains about the pain in her stomach that makes her unable to get out of her bed. Sometimes there are spots coming out of her. Is that normal or is it dangerous? Thank you

dr. Edwin Thia replied 2 years ago

There are many possible causes of abdominal pain and you should bring your wife to see a doctor to determine the cause. This is especially so if there is vaginal bleeding or spotting. Abdominal pain in pregnancy with bleeding can be due to preterm labour, low lying placenta, early separation of the placenta and many other causes. This is serious and you should bring your wife to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Nani Mawandini answered 2 years ago

Good afternoon, Doctor. Can IVF lead to miscarriage? I have miscarried 3 times, and I have no children until now. Is IVF suitable for me?

dr. Edwin Thia replied 2 years ago

IVF does not cause a miscarriage. There are many factors that may result in a failed pregnancy. Your doctor should do some investigations to determine the possible cause of the miscarriage. If a cause is identified, it should be treated. You should have a thorough check before embarking on IVF again. Depending on various factors, IVF may or may not be suitable for you.

Aisyah answered 2 years ago

I was diagnosed with endometriosis lately. I am only 24 years old. Can I still get pregnant? I heard that because of this condition, I cannot get pregnant at an older age, is it true?

dr. Edwin Thia replied 2 years ago

Endometriosis is a known cause for subfertility. However, this does not mean you cannot get pregnant. You should see a fertility specialist who can treat endometriosis. Once treated, the chance of pregnancy improves and you should be able to get pregnant.

Sherry answered 2 years ago
Dr, I'm in my early 30s and have ttc for 2 years plus. I've regular period. 2 qns:
  • Through hyfosy, it showed that I've more 20 antral follicles in my right ovary. Is this too many and would this be a cause of concern? I'm not sure if I've PCOS
  • I seem to have ovulation issue. I've tried testing on opk but for the past 2 months, i do not see a dark line or darker line than control line on the kit. I used to see it before.
dr. Edwin Thia replied 2 years ago

Having more than 20 astral follicles and ovulation issues can be due to polycystic ovary syndrome. However, you will need a proper assessment to diagnose if you have polycystic ovary syndrome. Hormonal blood tests may be required to properly assess your symptoms and ovulation issues. You can consider follicular tracking ultrasound scans to check for ovulation also.

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