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dr. Ang Chia Liang asked 3 years ago
I am Dr Ang Chia Liang, Orthopaedic Surgeon based in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. Ask Me Anything! I have more than 17 years of orthopaedic experience, with particular expertise in key-hole (arthroscopic) surgeries of the Knee, Hip, Shoulder and Ankle. I also sub-specialise in minimally invasive treatment of joint conditions, joint replacements, and fractures. I am experienced in treating wear-and-tear/degenerative problems, and conditions affecting the ligament, meniscus and cartilage. I have performed complex knee and hip joint replacements for patients up to 90 years old. My techniques allow my patients the benefit of fast return to walking and activity. I treat my patients using a variety of non-surgical and surgical methods, with my philosophy emphasizing on the individualisation of each patient's treatment method in order to achieve the best recovery outcomes and in order to meet the patient's expectations. I am a graduate of the National University of Singapore, with previous work experience at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham, UK, and renowned centres in the USA under the prestigious American Orthopaedic Association-ASEAN Programme. I am also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a Member of the Singapore Orthopaedic Association, and a Member of the Singapore Medical Association. Learn more about me here: I am excited to be here to share/discuss Bone & Joint Health with everyone. I will be actively answering questions. Whether you've got questions about orthopaedic conditions, key-hole treatments or how to maintain good bone health, ask me anything! === Want to ask a question? Submit your question at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to include your name and email address to get notified when the doctor answers your question.
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Dewi Sekar Ratri answered 3 years ago
My daughter (19 years old) fell from the stairs a month ago. Initially, she suffered from bruises on her knees, but we didn’t go to a doctor. This one week, she has been experiencing so much pain on her knees, especially when she moves. The doctor suggested she undergo an MRI. According to the doctor, her meniscus is a bit torn and he has advised she undergo arthroscopy. Is it necessary, Doctor, or is there any other way?
dr. Ang Chia Liang replied 3 years ago

Likely the meniscus tear is not going to heal properly on its own. It has been causing her pain for one month and now the pain is worse. At 19 years old, it is better to undergo Arthroscopy to repair the meniscus. The important thing is to repair the meniscus, so that she can have a good knee for many more years to come. Without repair, it is likely that she will have on-going pain in the knee.

Wita Agustani answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I am 22 years old with 30 degrees of scoliosis. My orthopaedic doctor suggested only to wear traction. But I am not confident with my appearance now. Can I ask for a surgery to fix my back bone?
dr. Ang Chia Liang replied 3 years ago

The types of surgery to fix scoliosis involves putting in metal implants and the back will become more stiff and less flexible. Fixing the back bone at 22 years old can improve your appearance but will decrease your function. Also, there is a risk of requiring further surgeries in future when other parts of the back bone gives problems. On the whole, it may be better not to operate at 22 years old with 30 degrees of scoliosis, unless yearly monitoring shows progression of scoliosis.

Donny Susanti answered 3 years ago
Doctor, I am 50 years old. I had herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP) in L4 and L5. I went for a surgery to implant two pieces of silicones 4 years ago. But I have been feeling pain in my back lately, whenever I sit or when I stand up after sitting. Is this a sign of recurrence of my problem? What should I do?
dr. Ang Chia Liang replied 3 years ago

When pain comes back after some time, it could be a sign of further degeneration of the spine, or issues related to the silicone implant. You should undergo an "MRI scan of the lumbar spine with contrast" to check the current condition first.

Ummah Ika answered 3 years ago
I have been feeling pain on my tailbone if I sit for too long. But my work keeps me sitting all day. Are there any suggestions for me to fix this problem?
dr. Ang Chia Liang replied 3 years ago

Tailbone pain is something that may take a long time to recover from. A few suggestions to help you are:

1) Take regular breaks from sitting. Stand up and stretch every 1 – 2 hours
2) Daily exercises to stretch the muscles around the tailbone. You can refer to
3) Make sure your seat has a lumbar support and push your back against the support
4) Use a ring cushion to avoid pressure on the tailbone

Arif Hidayat answered 3 years ago
Every time I rotate my thumb, I hear a “cracking” sound. It hurts as well. What condition is this, Doctor?
dr. Ang Chia Liang replied 3 years ago

A cracking sound and pain indicates one of two things usually: it could be an injury of the ligament around the thumb, or it could be degeneration of the cartilage in the thumb.

There are treatments for these conditions but you will need a physical examination and maybe MRI too.

Ahmad Rizky answered 2 years ago
I have a crooked spine. Is it treatable? What should I do to fix this problem?
dr. Ang Chia Liang replied 2 years ago

A hunched spine/posture is not uncommon. A lot of the times, it is to do with each person's bone and muscle structure that he becomes hunched.

If there is no pain, you can do regular back and neck core exercises to strengthen the core muscles and get a better posture. You can learn from a professional such as a Physiotherapist. Other things to do to help you maintain good posture is using a chair with a lumbar support and sitting all the way back in the chair to ensure your spine is straight. Doing these can help you correct the posture to some extent.

L.M answered 2 years ago

My youngest daughter has cerebral palsy and eventually developed scoliosis. She is now 10 years old. Is it curable? She is currently taking muscle injections and physical therapy. Would you recommend we do all of the treatments together or we should pause one to do another?

dr. Ang Chia Liang replied 2 years ago

There are methods to manage scoliosis and prevent worsening as your daughter grows. These include frequent stretching of the body, traction, a body brace, or surgery. It is ok for her to take muscle injections and do physical therapy at the same time. If the condition progresses despite treatment, then the next level of treatment can be added to the current treatment, ie a body brace.

Jason answered 2 years ago

My right shoulder is red and swelling and it hurts to lift my right arm. I think it started when I began my home work out 4 days ago. I have compressed it with ice, but it doesn’t get better. My son said there is a bump on my deltoid area. Is this serious in your opinion? What examination and therapy should I consider?

dr. Ang Chia Liang replied 2 years ago

According to what you describe, it may be a muscle or tendon tear. You should have an MRI scan to determine the exact condition, then determine treatment from there.

Douglas answered 2 years ago

My spine hurts when I lay on my back for too long. to relieve the pain, I have to bend my body forward and stretch it. the pain comes back after a few hours though. I am 28 years old. What condition could this be?

dr. Ang Chia Liang replied 2 years ago

At 28 years old, it is possible to develop early wear-and-tear problems of the spine. These can cause the kind of symptoms that you describe. You will need an Xray and/or MRI scan to evaluate the condition of your spine.

Emmanuel Wang answered 2 years ago

My wife fell from the stairs in our house a few days back and knocked her knee. There isn’t any visible injury apart from a slight bulge. When she stands and sits, we can hear a soft cracking sound from it. She says it doesn’t hurt. Could there be a fracture and should we get an x-ray?

dr. Ang Chia Liang replied 2 years ago

It may not be a fracture given that there is no pain. However, it may be soft tissue swelling such as a bursitis or mild cartilage damage. You should consider an MRI scan to check the knee.

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