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dr. Lincoln Tan asked 2 years ago
I am Dr Lincoln Tan, a Consultant Urologist, and accredited Robotic Surgeon based in Gleneagles Hospital Singapore. Prior to my private practice, I was the former Director of Urologic Oncology at the National University Hospital (NUH) and National Cancer Institute of Singapore (NCIS). I am currently Visiting Consultant at NUH. I am trained in all aspects of open and endoscopic urology and specialise in the minimally invasive treatment of urologic cancers. My particular interests are in laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery, particularly for the management of prostate and kidney cancer. My subspecialty interest is in the care of men with all stages of prostate cancer, especially in advanced prostate cancer diagnostics to reduce unnecessary prostate biopsies, and the performance of safer, more accurate prostate biopsies. I was one of the first doctors to introduce free hand office based transperineal prostate biopsies into Singapore. Transperineal prostate biopsies are safer than the standard transrectal biopsies performed in most centres. My clinic is currently the only centre offering freehand transperineal MRI-guided targeted prostate biopsies in Singapore. I was the principal investigator in the first study in South East Asia to validate the use of the Prostate Health Index test to better risk stratify men at risk of prostate cancer, reducing unnecessary prostate biopsies. I am available for teleconsultation and second opinions for complex cancer-related and other urological conditions. My experience includes:
  • Graduated medical school at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2001
  • Postgraduate surgical degrees from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2006, and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in 2011
  • Masters in Surgery from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2007
  • Completed Advanced Specialty Training at NUH
  • College of Surgeons Gold Medal from the Academy of Medicine Singapore, awarded to the top Advanced Urological Trainee
  • Completed my fellowship in Urologic Oncology and Laparoscopic and Tele-Robotic Urologic Surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Australia in 2013
Learn more about me here: I am excited to be here to share/discuss Urological Health with everyone. Ask me anything! === Want to ask a question? Submit your question at the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to include your name and email address to get notified when the doctor answers your question.
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Bobby answered 2 years ago

I limit my water intake before sleep but I always feel the urgency to urinate at night. How do I know if it’s a small bladder issue or something more serious?

dr. Lincoln Tan replied 2 years ago

You can do a diary measuring your intake and how much urine you pass out each time. A urologist can then see if your bladder capacity is normal or not.

Tricia answered 2 years ago

Doctor, I am a 31 year old female. Recently my urine seems darker in color and it smells heavier. Although I often feel the urgency to pee, the flow of urine is not smooth and comes out in drips. I googled the symptoms and it seems consistent with those from a UTI. Can I confirm if they are? Can I self-medicate at home with cranberry juice?

dr. Lincoln Tan replied 2 years ago

I agree that your symptoms are suggestive of a urine infection. This can be confirm with urine tests done by your GP. Cranberry juice may help prevent UTI, but it unlikely to cure an active UTI. A short course of antibiotics from your GP would be the best way to treat a UTI.

Meng Tat answered 2 years ago

When I ejaculate, the sperm that emerges is only in droplets. I have observed this happening for the past 2 weeks. I am a 37 year old male, single, and have many sexual partners previously. Is this a symptom of an STD or some other urological condition?

dr. Lincoln Tan replied 2 years ago

Semen volume may drop if the interval between sessions of sexual intercourse are short. If you are at risk of an STD (for example from unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple partners), i would suggest an STD checkup.

Daniel answered 2 years ago

Does a sensitive bladder require treatment? Would it cause problems in the long term if I leave it be?

dr. Lincoln Tan replied 2 years ago

Yes. An overactive bladder besides causing poor quality of life with frequent urination and urgency, can progress to urinary incontinence. When associated with frequent waking up at night to pass urine, can cause disruption to sleep , which can lead to long term issues of high blood pressure, fatigue with poor work performance, falls at night with fractures, and overall reduced life span

Bernard answered 2 years ago

My testicles hurt and the area around my groin is swollen. That area also hurts when I urinate. What condition is this?

dr. Lincoln Tan replied 2 years ago

It sounds like you may have an infection of your testicles – epididymo-orchitis. You should see your doctor for a physical checkup and urine tests to confirm the diagnosis. Treatment with antibiotics will sort it out.

Wei Hong answered 2 years ago

Doctor, I am a 61 year old male. Based on my last diagnosis, my PSA level is high. Is a high PSA level a sign of prostate cancer?

dr. Lincoln Tan replied 2 years ago

The PSA is a non specific marker for prostate cancer. In the equivocal range of 4-10, there is a 25% chance of prostate cancer. The higher the PSA value, the higher the risk of prostate cancer. At very high PSA levels, for e.g more than 100, there is very high chance of advanced prostate cancer.
If you have a high PSA, I would suggest consultation with a urologist, with a view towards a MRI of the prostate and possibly a prostate biopsy if required

SP answered 2 years ago
Doctor, I have kidney stone detected during ultrasound abdomen and it like 0.6cm. Can advise what should I do next?
dr. Lincoln Tan replied 2 years ago

Kidney stones can cause pain and infections. If the kidney stone passes into the ureter, it can cause blockage of the kidney, resulting in loss of kidney function if not detected and treated. Stones more than 4mm are less likely to pass out of the body and more likely to cause blockage of the kidney if they drop into the ureter.

I would suggest consultation with a urologist, with a view towards a CT scan to confirm the size and location of the stone and discussion on treatment options.

Adrian T answered 2 years ago

I am a 22 year old male and am not sexually experienced. These two weeks, after I urinate, there is a mucus texture like discharge from the tip of my penis. There is no pain. Is this an infection?

Darryl answered 2 years ago

There are several small lumps appearing on my testicles. Ever since the lumps appeared, it has been painful whenever I have sex with my wife. What condition could this possibly be?

Debbie C answered 2 years ago

After undergoing laser treatment for his kidney stones, my husband’s urine is dark brown in color. Is this normal?

dr. Lincoln Tan replied 2 years ago

Yes – the brown colour is from blood in the urine after surgery. It should clear up within a few days.

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