Marketing Solutions

Smarter Health offers specialists and brands a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you reach your target audience, where it counts.

Our platforms have been successful touchstones for individuals passionate about Health & Wellness. Whether you’re entering Singapore as a new market or scaling your existing presence there, craft your custom campaign with us and reach millions of eyeballs.


Our platforms attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. With our display and banner ad inventory, we help place your message in front of the right eyeballs, generating maximum awareness and impact.

Content Marketing

From written to graphical, video to LIVE content, our in-house content team works with brands and agencies to produce content aligned with objectives, and designed for maximum exposure and engagement.

Research & Insights

Get consumer insights relevant to a brand or product launch through our research team. Whether it’s online surveys, focus groups or social listening, we help you understand your target audience better.

Influencer Management

From campaign strategy, influencer sourcing, execution to reporting & analytics, our campaign servicing team handles it all, making the campaign process seamless and the lives of our brand clients and influencers easy.

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