Nina Liestrya - Medan, Indonesia
Everything went smoothly including the airport pick up service. We could see the doctor shortly after we arrived at the hospital. Even when I wanted my son to consult with Dr Koh today instead of tomorrow as per our appointment, it was possible. We cannot thank the Smarter Health team enough.
Juliati - Jakarta, Indonesia
My family is now a fan of Smarter Health. The platform is truly helping people like us who would like to seek medical treatment in Singapore but have no clue on who to go to and the cost associated with the treatment. The combination of the Smarter Health platform algorithm and human touch assistance was very useful and important for us. Great job, Smarter Health!
Natasia - Padang, Indonesia
Fast, precise and friendly service from Smarter Health. I can immediately communicate with their in-house doctor who assists confused patients who do not know exactly which specialist to consult with. I also received a temporary treatment recommendation regarding my condition and Smarter Health immediately made an appointment with the hospital. With Smarter Health, my medical experience became seamless. Thank you, Smarter Health.
Katherine Johnson - New York, United States of America
Smarter Health’s services really made my hospital experience smooth and stress free. It was amazing to be connected with the right doctor minimizing a lot of the headaches and speeding up my time to care and ultimately recovery to full health. I’m so appreciative for the service in my health journey. Going to the hospital isn’t always fun, but it truly helped getting the best care and being directed to the right people. The ground support who answered all of my questions (I had a lot) and helped me with the entire process were fantastic. I’m so grateful for the team and the entire experience.
Patrick - Singapore
Dr Tay was our choice for a second opinion after receiving a cancer diagnosis. He was very helpful in helping us understand the next steps and drawing out a plan that would offer the best chance of recovery. We benefitted from his wealth of experience and a no-nonsense attitude. Additionally, the Smarter Health experience was very efficient and the staff friendly and helpful when arranging our visit. Highly recommended!
Dee Gunawan - Jakarta, Indonesia
I am very pleased with Dr Yeak’s examination on my son. Dr Yeak is very attentive and gentle, and did not hastily decide to perform surgery on my son, contrary to other doctors’ suggestions. Instead, Dr Yeak recommended my son suitable medication to be taken for 3 months, and further evaluation after to determine if surgery is really needed. He is very articulate and easy to talk to, and we had a very pleasant session with him. Thank you Smarter Health for your assistance to find the right doctor for my son.
Syahmurdin - Balingka, Indonesia
It’s a pleasure to have Smarter Health around. They provided me with accurate information on doctors and hospitals. The fact that Island Hospital provides specialised customer care for Indonesians – that has made my medical journey to Penang even easier.
Agus Samosir - Medan, Indonesia
I’m very grateful to have come across Smarter Health’s website. I found it very informative and helpful as I initially had to take care of my mom’s medical treatment abroad by myself. It was a pleasure to deal with Island Hospital and if I need to return to Penang, I’d definitely wish to have Smarter Health’s assistance again.
Ng Yi Min - Singapore
Medical check up in Lifescan Imaging
I have been afraid of getting a health check up since I was young. My sister introduced me to Smarter Health – that is when I met the Smarter Health staff who were very helpful in guiding me to select the right package. After I got the check up done, the nurse at the centre called me to come for an early review the next week and I was very worried. During the period of waiting, I felt very stressed and so I texted the Smarter Health staff who even went to the extent of looking up my illness and advising me accordingly. I texted the Smarter Health staff a few times and she never failed to assure me. I felt completely reassured sharing my problems with her! If you are someone like me who is afraid of doing health check ups, I would recommend Smarter Health.
Grace Chen - Singapura
Medical check up in Lifescan Imaging
I used Smarter Health to book my medical health check up and the experience was great! Special thanks to the Smarter Health staff who was my point of contact throughout the whole process. She was always patient and happy to field my questions and was always prompt with her replies. She also checked in with me after my appointment to make sure everything went okay. For people who are looking to book a health screening tailored to their needs, I would definitely recommend Smarter Health!
Hazel Tan - Singapura
Medical check up in Healthway Medical
I would like to thank Smarter Health for their service. They are very attentive to all my needs and super helpful. I will definitely be engaging them for my next appointment.
Lim Thiam Chye - Singapura
Medical check up in Healthway Medical
Smarter Health’s service is excellent and the follow up was perfect. Smarter Health has helped me save a lot of time and I am very happy with Healthway Medical services. Well done and thank you.
Irwan Setiawan - Indonesia
Medical check up in Healthway Medical
Thank you Smarter Health for your excellent and fast service – Smarter Health helped me find the best health screening package to cover my health needs, and even allowed me to view the detailed line items within each package, with ample explanation.
Rochelle Genevieve Lim - Singapore
Medical check up in Healthway Medical
Casually browsing through the net for health screening packages and I was so spoilt with choices! More confused to say as I was unsure of what suits me best. Luckily, I came across the Smarter Health portal – simply by answering 5 questions, it generates health screening plans that are suitable for myself! From there, I compared and chose the one I felt most comfortable with. A super easy and convenient portal – everyone should use it if you’re considering getting a health screening package!
Juliana Chua - Singapore
Medical check up in AsiaMedic
Smarter Health gave me a very fuss-free and efficient way to find out about different health screening packages based on my needs and budget. The Smarter Health staff were very conscientious in their follow-ups and arrangements. It was a very pleasant and breezy experience!
Alexandre Weichong Hurbe - Singapore
Medical check up in AsiaMedic
Booking with Smarter Health has been a great experience. The process is very straightforward and easy to use. With the discounted prices there’s no reason not to use it. Would strongly recommend.
Yeni Puspitasari - Jakarta, Indonesia
Medical check up in Healthway Medical
The medical check-up experience in Healthway Medical was very impressive, with the service being very satisfying and helpful. Thank you Smarter Health for the service!

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